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One Punch Man Chapter 182: Tatsumaki vs Saitama Ends, Blizzard Group is Back

One Punch Man Chapter 182: Tatsumaki vs Saitama Ends, Blizzard Group is Back

With the release of One Punch Man Chapter 182, fans got to see Tatsumaki listening to Saitama, given how strong he was compared to her. There were similarities between him and Blast, which Tatsumaki couldn’t ignore. Thus, she agreed to have the Blizzard Group serve Fubuki at Saitama’s request.

In the previous chapter, Tatsumaki took Saitama back to their original location, and Speed-o’-Sonic Sound attacked them. However, Tatsumaki instantly eliminated him, and then they reached their location. It was then that Saitama asked Tatsumaki to go through with it using his esper powers.

One Punch Man Chapter 182: Tatsumaki has flashbacks of Fubuki’s awakening

One Punch Man Chapter 182, titled Unascertained, opens with the Hero Association dealing with the earthquakes that occur throughout the city of A. As the shaking began to grow, Forte, who was in the hospital, decided to take care of the problem if monsters were causing it.

Opening the window, he saw Saitama crashing into the hospital building. Saitama asked Forte about his injuries and advised him to stay in bed for a while before flying off. Forte was shocked by the level of destruction outside and decided to postpone his rematch against Saitama until later.

The Blizzard group arrived at the scene of the fight, shocked at the level of destruction caused by Tatsumaki unleashing his powers. That’s when one of the members looks at his watch and discovers something shocking.

However, the focus then shifts to the fight, and Tatsumaki can be seen gasping as she fights Saitama. She was the one who was supposed to test Saitama, but ended up miscalculating his power limits.

Until now, Blast was the only hero able to challenge Tatsumaki outside of a life-and-death fight against a villain, but Saitama was different.

Tatsumaki then tried to trap Saitama by twisting the ground on top of him, however, he escaped effortlessly and unscathed. Saitama could see how Tatsumaki started staggering and asked him not to push himself. Tatsumaki found this insulting, as she wanted to send him into space using his esper powers. Instead, she was only able to levitate him above the ground.

While trying to continue fighting Saitama, Tatsumaki passes out, as she remembers her time with Blast. He asked her to protect her family, after which she tried to save Fubuki from the Tsukuyomi.

However, when Fubuki saw Tatsumaki fighting the group, she got scared of her big sister, which inadvertently triggered her esper powers.

Tatsumaki tried to get answers from Blast, but he wasn’t there. That’s when she woke up with Saitama in front of her. Saitama praised Tatsumaki for developing such powerful powers.

He asked Tatsumaki to live a life that was right for her, but if she wanted to go wild, she had to make sure not to mess with other people’s things. He patted her on the head and was about to leave when Fubuki arrived.

Fubuki, after listening to Tatsumaki’s advice, disbanded the Blizzard Group, but they followed her to where Tatsumaki was. Tatsumaki was about to attack her again when Fubuki took on this role. Fubuki asked her friends how they planned to fight Tatsumaki when they weren’t even strong enough to defeat her.

It was then that Saitama asked Tatsumaki to leave the Blizzard Group with Fubuki. Although they are currently weak, there is no guarantee that they will become stronger in the future. Hearing his request, Tatsumaki stopped Fubuki and let the Blizzard Group serve their leader again.

Before the chapter ended, Tatsumaki threatened the Blizzard Group again and informed Saitama that she might take another surprise test in the future. Saitama doesn’t want to know anything.

Fubuki and the Blizzard Group wonder how Saitama managed to convince Tatsumaki, when the Blizzard Group member, who had seen something shocking earlier, reported it to Fubuki.

Final thoughts on One Punch Man Chapter 182

One Punch Man Chapter 182 saw the fight between Tatsumaki and Saitama come to an end after Tatsumaki exceeded his power limits. In this chapter, Tatsumaki even agreed to Saitama’s request, meaning she started to respect Saitama due to his strength. This could mean fans will likely see the two heroes team up in the future.