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Only Max-Level Newbie Chapter 88 Release Date, Where to Read, and Spoilers

Only Max-Level Newbie Chapter 88 Release Date, Where to Read, and Spoilers

Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 87 is here and Kang Jinhyuk is preparing a war against the Decasus Vampires. After the fight with those two vampires, Jinhyuk has planned something extravagant and has ordered all of his company some tasks.

We were also introduced to the Boss of the Decasus Vampires and fans know that there would be a good battle between him and Jinhyuk. Jinhyuk is preparing a large-scale master plan.

Can Kang Jinhyuk’s master plan succeed or not? And all of you have been waiting for the release of Solo Max-Level Newbie chapter 88. So, this article will tell you Solo Max-Level Newbie chapter 88 spoilers and release date and also where to read it.

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Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 88 Spoilers

After Jinhyuk defeated the head of the Ice Trolls, he asked him about the high-blooded vampire, Michael. They were having a conversation about him and his followers and how the boss was defeated.

Solo Max Level Novice Chapter 88

Jinhyuk in the middle of the conversation saw the conditions to copy the abilities of the Ice Trolls Boss. There are two conditions that must be met. One is to defeat the chieftain who already did it and the second is to stay awake drinking with the trolls.

One condition was already met, so Jinhyuk was happy, but now he wanted to reveal his plans to the boss.

He asked the boss to join him in killing the Decasus vampires. Jinhyuk wants a full blown war against the Decasus Vampires and he wants the ice trolls to help them and also along with his company and others.

He asks the boss to think about this carefully, as fighting the vampire may result in the depletion of more than half of his clan members. Chieftain proudly replies that warriors are meant to die on the battlefield, but what about the villagers, they have no skills in war.

If they decide to betray the vampires and help the human but are still defeated, then maybe their entire clan will be wiped out.

To get the boss to agree to the war, Jinhyuk tells him about the honor and freedom of vampires. They are living as slaves under the orders of the vampires, where is the honor in that? The boss wanted to take some time to discuss it with others and invite Jinhyuk to stay there for a while.

When will Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 88 be released?

This Manhwa is very popular from the beginning and has quite a large fan base. Readers love this main character and his greed for abilities and the crazy way he acquires them. People start rereading this manhwa in their free time or when they get bored.

As the story progresses, we will soon see a battle between humans and vampires and we are all waiting for it.

Seeing this popularity and also the amazing strategies that the artist always comes up with in the story, the manhwa is dedicated and has been consistent with the release of a new chapter. Only Max-Level Newbie Chapter 88 will be released on the 23rdhe February 2023.

Where to read Max Level Novice Solo Chapter 88?

You can read Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 88 on Naver in Korean. And if you want to read it in Spanish you can visit TappyToons or Webtoon.

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Summary of Solo Max-Level Newbie chapter 87

The chapter begins with Taemin and Yeonhwa using drones to track down the demon humans who escaped from the previous battle. And Teresa and Cheon Yusung were given tasks outside the tower.

The Dangun guild also retreats outside the tower, except for the guild leader, who wanted to follow Kang Jinhyuk until he completed the floor because he thought the floor was originally his. Both of them were heading towards a freshwater lake as the concentrated mana accumulates there and the Ice Trolls also settle there to recuperate.

They both enter Ice Troll’s territory with the leader holding a white flag indicating that they were there to surrender. The Ice Troll tribe has honor and holds their family above all else, so they let them in without causing a ruckus.

Jinhyuk was having a chat with the chief of the tribe when they approached him and the chief had already heard about Jinhyuk from his subordinates that he was strong.

But why would that strong person come here to surrender as soon as the boss asked Jinhyuk to throw down the flag saying that he didn’t want to fight with the minions and wanted to enter the tribe without any problem? The chief was enraged upon hearing that as it was an act of dishonor and he challenged Kang to a duel.

Outside the tower in the Zhonghua guild building, the guild leader was mad at Jinhyuk because he killed his S rank players and wanted to kill Jinhyuk. And we are also shown that Cheon Yusung was angry and wanted to kill Jinhyuk like always.

Kang easily defeated the boss using the sword skill and the glacier skill and the boss acknowledges his defeat and asks Kang to kill him. But Kang didn’t want to kill him and asked why he was following those vampires. The boss explains that he was defeated by a more powerful vampire named «Michael».

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