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Only Max Level Rookie Chapter 86: Kang vs. vampires! Release date

Only Max-Level Newbie Chapter 86 will see the predator finally become the prey. Kang Jinhyuk has been successfully defeating Ice Trolls and Vampires. The Vampires were ready to get Alice away from Kang. However, there was no way Kang was going to let anyone take away his most precious and beloved possession. Kang has managed to defeat the Ice Trolls and the Vampires on the lower floors. he is almost invincible at this point. However, bigger challenges await him. So, he reads on to find out more.

Kang once again faces the vampires. This won’t be the first time he’s against them. However, these vampires are from the upper floors. Therefore, even Kang is not sure of his powers and strengths. Although Kang may be in the lead right now, he still needs to focus on two other vampires. So, here are all the details for the next chapter.

Solo Max Chapter 86 Preview-Level Newbie

Only Max Level Rookie Chapter 86: What Happens Next?

Chapter 86 will see a fight in the forest with vampires. While the other fight will take place outside of the forest with demon humans. Teresa will use her divine powers that will be stronger than the demonic powers. Vampires will be able to see the golden light of divine power. They will try to get Alice away from Kang. However, Kang will use his ability to evaporate the snow around them. Vampires will be surprised to see so much power coming from a human being. He allows the vampires to get away.

After some time passes, Kang visits the Dangun Guild. However, he will be surprised to see the number of injuries. Although Kang’s guild is there to help Dangun’s guild, they are still too weak to take on the demon humans.

Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 86 Poster

Summary of the previous chapter!

In Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 85, Kang Jinhyuk faces off against the Decasus Vampires after an intense battle against the Ice Trolls. Kang asks the vampires if they were the ones who killed the Dangun guild members. To this question, the vampires reply that it was all a trap to bring in the clever person who stole Alice. They doubted four people, Teresa, the Stranger, Chun Yoosung, and Kang.

A fight then begins between the vampires and Kang. A vampire then uses a blood ability to blindfold Kang. He also attacks Kang with horns made of blood. However, Kang fights back with fire. The chapter ends with Kang tricking the vampires. It turns out that Kang was the one who was trapping the vampires the whole time. Furthermore, the other allies of his were already outside to help the people outside the forest.

Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 86 Trailer

Only Max Level Rookie Chapter 86: Release Date

The new chapter will be released on February 9, 2023. It will be available to read on Naver. English translations will also be available soon after. So, keep reading The Anime Daily to find out more.

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