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Overgeared Chapter 165: Updates Delayed ‘Betrayal of Trust!’ Plot and release date

Grid is back at the forge, creating a new weapon with his trademark skill and determination. He pushes the limits of his trade. But soon, Grid finds himself in a deadly encounter with a vampire, an enemy he knows all too well. With his life at stake, Grid must trust the system that has helped him in the past. And I hope he can get out of this fight alive. So what will be his next move? Here is everything you need to know about the Overgeared Chapter 165 release date and plot.

Next time in Overgeared, Grid must take action and be on his guard. Braham will do everything possible to steal her soul. However, thanks to Pagma’s built-in protection, he has so far nullified Braham’s attack. So, he reads on for more details!

Overgeared Chapter 165

Overgeared Chapter 165: What will happen next?

In Overgeared Chapter 165, Grid finds himself in a negotiation with an unexpected visitor. Although Grid is not known for his physical prowess, his talent for creating weapons on demand has saved him from many dangerous situations. It is natural for someone seeking the services of a skilled craftsman to seek it out. Meanwhile, Braham is determined to locate his original body and recover.

This tragic character has experienced numerous cases of deceit and mistrust, and his experiments have caused harm to innocent people. However, he recognizes that there are certain facts that he cannot undo and wishes to pay Grid, who is the successor of his former best friend. Despite his checkered past, the vampire hopes to find redemption through his actions.

Overgeared Chapter 165

A quick summary!

Previously in Overgeared Chapter 164, Grid craved the legendary spell that Braham promised him. But he soon found himself at the mercy of the deceitful vampire. Braham almost steps inside, taking over his body. But the system intervened just in time to save him from certain death. This experience left Grid with a newfound caution towards those around him. He realized that his trusting nature could be his downfall. He learned of Braham’s treachery and became more aware of the dangers that lay in wait for him.

The bitter taste of deceit was still fresh in Grid’s mouth as he examined the lesser spell the vampire had given him. The spell not only did not enhance her abilities, but it was also a mere beginner level spell. One of his guildmates pointed out this shortcoming, but Grid decided to test the skill anyway. He soon found out that the skill he received wasn’t even the beginner version. But it was a mere imitation of a similar name. Despite the frustration, Grid realized that he was lucky to have received any spells. And he resolved to be more cautious and vigilant in the future.

Overgeared Chapter 165

Overgeared Chapter 165: Release Date

Overgeared Chapter 165 will return only next week. Fans can expect the chapter to come out on February 28, 2022. In the meantime, they can catch up with all the chapters on Kakaopage, Naver, and Webtoon. There are no updates on any break in the release date. But be sure to check back on this page. The Anime Daily team will keep you updated. Stay tuned to The Anime Daily for more updates!

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