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Read Black Clover Chapter 350 Full Spoilers, Raw Scans, Release Date, Summaries, Storyline

Read Black Clover Chapter 350 Full Spoilers, Raw Scans, Release Date, Summaries, Storyline

After breaking the enchantment that creates human Paladins by hitting Sister Lily with her Demon Katana, Asta catches her in Black Clover Chapter 350. After landing, viewers see a distraught Sister Lily apologizing to Asta for everything she did or said while playing Paladin. As a paladin, Asta informs him that his efforts are of no interest to him. As Sister Lily speaks again, she explains to Asta that she was bothered by the lack of prejudice in the Clover Kingdom regarding magical abilities and that was what prompted her to become a nun.

Black Clover Chapter 350 Summary

She decided to start attending services at a local church in hopes of getting her prayers answered and making positive changes in her life. She is embarrassed by the turn of events, but she had to leave the church because of the discrimination she suffered there. Sister Lily is comforted by the Shogun of the Land of Sunshine, who assures her that everything will be fine and that the only reason Asta has become stronger is because she saved him.

Lucius Strategy

Sister Lily finishes her rant and informs Asta and Ryudo of Lucius’ plan for Judgment Day. She says that Lucius trained for three days for the last fight at the Clover Kingdom. Lucius wants to become a deity, so he plans to combine his soul magic with the bone, body, and blood magic of his brothers. This ability also allows him to produce individuals out of thin air, as well as convert and alter anyone else’s mind (which is how he creates Paladins). He intends to use this authority on Judgment Day to take control of the planet and all of its magical wonders.

Which includes the Land of the Rising Sun, and for which Sister feels immense guilt for the devastation she has caused. Asta once again reassures Lily by telling her that she is not to blame and that he will never hold her responsible for what happened. After hearing these remarks, Sister Lily thanks Asta and then passes out. Asta gets worried, but Ryudo assures her that she’s just temporarily unconscious and not dead. Ryudo also explains to Asta that if she wants to be spared, she must fight Lucius. To be sure, Ryudo has Fumito cast a healing spell on Sister Lily. During his monologue, Asta expresses his gratitude to Fumito for watching over her, then he tells her to wait until he sees Sister Lily until he defeats Lucius. However, before that happens, the Five-Headed Dragon is still in the Land of the Rising Sun, and Asta swears to deal with it alone. The chapter ends with the words “He swears to defeat the great evil” and a reminder that there will be no new content until next week’s break.

On Monday, February 6, 2023, at midnight JST, Black Clover Chapter 350 will be available. A wide variety of websites, like Viz Media and Manga Plus, will offer it for free to their users.