Reincarnated as a Sword Episode 2: What release date and time?

Discover all the news about the release of episode 2 of Reincarnated as a Sword on DNA! Release date and time etc.

Reincard as a Sword is available on DNA! If you want to know when will episode 2 be released, read on! The Isekai genre is certainly a point of contention within the global anime community, especially as more and more “Reincarnated” series are released with each new season. To be aware of all anime releases, it’s here.

This list will include several Isekai series, but perhaps none is more interesting than Reincarnated as a Swordwhose main character, as the title suggests, is reborn as an inanimate object. Reincarnated as a Sword is an Isekai fantasy series, an adaptation of Yuu Tanaka’s original light novel series by Studio C2C.

Some isekai protagonists reincarnate as mighty warriors or skilled wizards, but our protagonist was born in another life as a sentient sword! He is taken in by Fran, a desperate young girl fleeing criminals who want to sell her as a slave. With the help and guidance of her new weapon, she is able to take down her captors and gain her freedom.

Together, this unconventional master-student duo embark on an epic journey to free those in need and bring justice to cruel hearts. Now that you’ve seen the first episode, we tell you all about the release of episode 2 of Reincarnated as a Sword!

What release date and time for episode 2 of Reincarnated as a Sword on DNA?

The wait is no longer very long! The date of Release episode 2 of Reincarnated as a Sword has been set for October 12, 2022 in Japan and independent streaming sites. For the most impatient, the hour of Release episode 2 of Reincarnated as a Sword was set at 4:30 p.m. French time. It will therefore probably be necessary to wait until the end of the evening to have the episode.

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For the release date of episode 2 of Reincarnated as a Sword on DNA in Francewe will have to wait 1 week, because it seems that the broadcaster will have a week of delay with the first episode fixed for October 12th.

reincarnated as a sword episode 2

What happened at the end of this week?

After killing the two-headed bear, the cat-maiden expresses her gratitude and is about to leave the magic sword where she found it. But the latter expresses his desire to accompany the young girl. However, before she can make a decision, one of the humans who survived the carnage while fleeing arrives at the scene. When he sees the cat-girl with the sword, he asks her to hand it over to him.

When she refuses, he gives her an order to show that she is under his control no matter what she wants. He continues to brag and show her the slave contract, to remind her that she will always have to follow his orders. The magic sword that has overheard their conversation so far, uses telekinesis and firepower to burn the contract itself, which immediately frees the cat-girl from her life as a slave.

It turns out the girl’s name is Fran, and she begins to call out the magic sword, Shishou, after learning that he doesn’t have a name. Also, she agrees to his request to become his true handler from that day forward.

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