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Return Of The SSS-Class Ranker Chapter 44: New Title Revealed! Plot and release date

In the last chapter, Rokan used his charge of destruction to defeat the boss monster Kimothy. Fans can’t wait to see what Rokan does next. In this world, when someone does something special, he gets a special name or title. So everyone is curious to see what will be the new title of Rokan. Will it unlock any special abilities for him? Here is everything you need to know about Return of the SSS-class Ranker chapter 44 release date and plot!

Next time in Return of the SSS-class Ranker Chapter 44, Rokan will complete the quest for the dwarf. He has defeated Kimothy and fans are eager to see his next move. So, he keeps reading to find out all the spoilers for the next chapter!

Return of the SSS-class Ranker Chapter 44

Return Of The SSS-Class Ranker Chapter 44: What Will Happen Next?

In the next chapter, Rokan will use his new title “Friend of the Dwarves”. He plans to commission the Dwarf to make 50 longswords, which will be ready for him the next day. Rokan also has some weapons that he wants the Dwarf to upgrade, which the Dwarf agrees to do. After upgrading the weapons, Rokan heads to the Third City’s built-in auction house to sell them for three times the normal price.

He also begins to think about agriculture to obtain raw materials. He will also decide that he does not want to go into blacksmithing. People consider her one of the three most evil skills and she takes a long time to increase proficiency. Overall, Rokan is looking forward to the future and the opportunities that her new title will bring to her. He is eager to see what other rewards await him in the world of Lords.

Return of the SSS-class Ranker Chapter 44

A quick summary!

Return of the SSS Class Ranker Chapter 44 opened in the dungeon. Rokan had set his sights on a new target, the Mine Kobolds, with a mission to collect 50 blue ores in hand. But his motives were not solely focused on completing the task at hand. The warrior adventurer knew that the dwarves would reward him with a special gift if he exceeded their expectations during the hunt. Driven by greed, Rokan eagerly undertook his quest.

He swung his ax ferociously as he engaged the Kobolds, collecting each blue ore with precision. Approaching the boss monster’s room, she carefully studied his surroundings, taking in the horde of monsters that stood between him and his target. But Rokan was not deterred, and devised a cunning plan. He sneaked into the room and drove off with the cart full of ores, leaving the boss monster and his minions in hot pursuit. With the boss monster hot on his heels, Rokan put his skills to the test.

Return of the SSS-class Ranker Chapter 44

He blended into the shadows, trying to remain invisible to his opponent. But he couldn’t easily fool the boss monster, and he quickly became aware of Rokan’s presence. Undeterred, Rokan unleashed his new combo ability, Destruction Charge, a deadly combination of his most powerful abilities, to deal a critical strike. With a few more quick hits, the boss monster was defeated and Rokan emerged victorious, a cart full of blue ores in tow.

Return Of The SSS-Class Ranker Chapter 44: Release Date

New chapters of this webcomic come out every week. Fans can expect Return of the SSS-class Ranker Chapter 44 to drop before February 10, 2023. However, the exact date is not yet known. Please check back on this page for more updates. The Anime Daily team will keep you updated. Stay tuned!

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