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Sakamoto Days Chapter 118: Release Date, What to Expect, Where to Read

Sakamoto Days Chapter 118: Release Date, What to Expect, Where to Read

Sakamoto Days Chapter 118 will be released in Japan on Monday, May 15, 2023 at 12 PM JST. Fans can read the chapter on Viz Media’s officialPlus service or the Shonen Jump+ app. Readers around the world will have access to the chapter at different times depending on their time zone.

In the previous chapter, readers saw Koba’s plan to eliminate Konomi and Amo’s bodyguards begin to unravel. They had grossly underestimated the intelligence and skills of Sakamoto’s team. In Sakamoto Days Chapter 118, readers may finally see the end of Higuchi and Koba’s failed ambush.

The clash between Sakamoto and Koba will take place in Chapter 118 of Sakamoto Days.

Next chapter release date and time

Yuto Suzuki’s Sakamoto Days Chapter 118 will continue exploring the protagonist’s past. The release of the next chapter is scheduled according to the following schedule:

Pacific Summer Time – 8 a.m., Sunday May 14, 2023 Central Summer Time – 10 a.m., Sunday May 14, 2023 Eastern Daylight Time – 11 a.m., Sunday May 14, 2023 British Summer Time – 4 p.m., Sunday May 14, 2023 Central European Summer Time – 5 p.m. Sunday, May 14, 2023 Indian Summer Time – 8 p.m.: Philippines Time – 11 p.m., Sunday May 14, 2023 Japan Standard Time – 12 p.m. Australian – 1:30 a.m., Monday, May 15, 2023

What can we expect from Sakamoto Days Chapter 118?

In Sakamoto Days Chapter 118, readers will see Sakamoto take on Koba, and it seems likely that he will emerge victorious. Koba may have more than one trick up his sleeve, which could make the fight harder than expected.

If the assassin is defeated, readers will also be able to witness Uzuki’s mental struggle to kill Kindaka. However, the children in the orphanage taken hostage will motivate Uzuki to remain vigilant and seek every opportunity to complete his mission.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 117 Quick Summary

In the previous chapter, Koba announced that the poison would kill anyone in 10 minutes, and that he was the only one with the antidote. Nagumo tries to figure out the effects of the poison and wonders why he, Kindaka, and Rion are the only ones affected, while Uzuki, Konomi, and Amo seem healthy.

After ruling out factors such as gender, weight, and physical condition, Nagumo deduced that the poison worked faster on those who were physically active. The faster a person moved, the faster the poison spread through his body.

Meanwhile, Uzuki was stressed from the task of killing Kindaka. This stress increased his heart rate, and he realized that a high heart rate could accelerate the spread of poison. So he quickly knocked out Konomi and Amo to help their bodies relax and live longer.

At that point, Rion found an ingenious way to reach Koba without having to run and inhale more poison. She sat on Kindaka’s wheelchair and propelled herself towards Koba using a grenade. She then attacks him with a knife but uses her weapon’s recoil to move her arm instead of using her own strength.

Surprisingly, Rion then stopped attacking and started smoking a cigarette. The reason for this stop soon becomes apparent when Sakamoto’s hand pierces the ground, grabs Koba and drags him into another tunnel below.