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Second Life Ranker Chapter 148: A difficult matchup! Release date and plot

Yeon-Woo has devised a clever plan to end the Walpurgisnacht. He has turned the Red Dragon clan against his facility. The Red Dragon has even offered a reward for the capture of Viera Dune. Sooner or later, Yeon-Woo or someone else is likely to destroy the Walpurgisnacht fortress and gain access to the facility. So, here is everything you need to know about the Second Life Ranker Chapter 148 release and plot!

Next time in Second Life Ranker, Yeon-Woo’s mission is to track down Ananta. She is hidden somewhere inside the facility. But will Viera Dune get in her way? Read on to find out all the details!

Second Life Ranker Chapter 148

Second Life Ranker Chapter 148: What will happen next?

Yeon Woo’s journey takes him to the Citadel, a high-security facility where Ananta is being held captive. However, her heroic mission is challenged when he discovers that Viera Dune is also trying to keep Ananta with her. The Citadel is heavily guarded. Therefore, Yeon Woo must fight his way through Viera Dune’s loyal soldiers to reach Ananta’s cell. When Yeon Woo approaches Ananta, it was hard for him to recognize her.

Viera Dune arrives and interrupts the meeting. He has made the decision to prevent Yeon Woo from releasing Ananta. Meanwhile, an intense fight ensues, where the outcomes for each of the characters are uncertain. The fate of Ananta and the success of Yeon Woo’s search hang in the balance. Will Yeon Woo be able to rescue Ananta from her captivity? Or will Viera Dune’s ambitions prevail, leaving Ananta to face a bleak future as a lab subject?

Second Life Ranker Chapter 148

A quick summary!

In the last chapter of Second Life Ranker Chapter 147, it came as a surprise to Brahm to see Boo taking orders from Yeon Woo. He didn’t know that Boo was an Elder Lich that could rival even the most powerful beings. Boo then showed them a picture of the first witches of Viera Dune, who were directly descended from the witch mother ‘Night’. Furthermore, Yeon Woo found the base of Walpurgisnacht. There lived Viera Dune in the citadel.

Thus, they entered the ghost town through a portal. They faced a barrier that sprayed mist filled with ghosts to scare people away. Furthermore, it could even steal your life force. Therefore, Brahm cast a blessing to counter the barrier. Yeon Woo created a new mission to link Viera Dune with the excuse that he had harmed the Summer Queen. Suddenly, a lookalike of Yeon Woo attacked them. But Yeon Woo called for help and was able to defeat the attacker.

Second Life Ranker Chapter 148

Yeon Woo then pressured the attacker to reveal the exact location of Viera Dune and Ananta. They found out that they were in Pataya territory. So, they went to his house and asked him where Viera Dune kept Ananta. The chapter ended with Yeon Woo heading towards the Citadel dungeon, where Ananta was locked up.

Second Life Ranker Chapter 148: Release Date

New chapters come out weekly on Webtoon, Naver, and Kakaopage. Second Life Ranker Chapter 148 will be released on February 19, 2023. The next chapter will reveal if Yeon Woo can save Ananta. Will he be able to defeat Viera Dune and destroy Walpurgisnacht? Please keep an eye on this page for further updates. Stay tuned to The Anime Daily!

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