Shadows House Season 3: What is the Crunchyroll release date?

Discover all the information regarding the release of Season 3 of Shadows House! release date etc.

Shadows House is available on Crunchyroll! If you want to know when will season 3 come out, read on! When it comes to supernatural anime, few series can match the atmosphere and style of Shadows House. CloverWork’s popular series returned for its second season on the Summer 2022 schedule and sadly comes to an end with Episode 12 today. To know all the anime releases, it’s here.

However, fans are already looking ahead and, although the shadows house season 3 is still pending, the international community can be sure that the anime will continue into a third season. We tell you everything about the release of season 3 of Shadows House on Crunchyroll!

What is the release date of Season 3 of Shadows House on Crunchyroll?

The second season ended on September 23, 2022. Currently, no renewal announcements have been made regarding the Shadows House season 3 release on Crunchyroll. The animated adaptation of Shadows House features a large number of sources from the original manga series for a shadows house season 3. The Season 2 finale covered up to Chapter 80 of Volume 7 of the original So-Ma-To manga.

The good news for fans of the series is that, as of September 2022, a total of 11 chapters consisting of 124 chapters have been released in Japan. This indicates that there is enough source material for at least one more anime season of Shadows Housecertainly after the publication of one or two other volumes.

In the case of a renewal, the Shadows House season 3 release date on Crunchyroll should be fixed for fall 2023!

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shadows house season 3

What can we expect next? Spoilers!

In the shadows house season 3, Maryrose will become the new leader to uncover the mystery of the ghost with Kate’s permission and will be given the responsibility of ending this whole fiasco. A rebellion against the Shadow Nobility will also be planned by Kate and Emilico using the premiere’s promotion. Meanwhile, looking at past events, Barbara will also show her interest in cooperating with Kate as much as possible.

Furthermore, in the shadows house season 3, Edward will surprise the Starbearers by performing a surprise inspection of the children’s building, something no one had expected until now. This only means one thing: the adult shadow master doesn’t fully trust Kate. Meanwhile, his desire to advance the revolution will reach an unprecedented level. With Emilicio, she plans to reveal to Louise and Patrick the dark secrets of the mansion.

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