Shinobi no Ittoki Episode 3: What is the Crunchyroll release date and time?

Discover all the information about the release of episode 3 of Shinobi no Ittoki on Crunchyroll! Release date and time etc.

Shinobi no Ittoki is available on Crunchyroll! If you want to know when will episode 3 be releasedread on! Shinobi no Ittoki is an action anime produced by Troyca. After narrowly surviving the attack on his person, Ittoki now faces a stark choice. To continue living in this world, he must put aside his previous plans and become a ninja.

Throughout this episode, we also get a lot of new information about how the secret ninja world is structured. This information fits seamlessly into the overall arc of the episode, keeping exposure to a minimum. And while telling the viewer how things are supposed to happen, the episode also takes the liberty of showing how it works.

With rules already broken and cunning leaders bending established protocols, some of the less desirable aspects of society are as true for ninjas as they are for us. The animation brings all the emotional tension of the story to life in an effective way.

Ittoki’s struggles come into their own through the depiction of his distress in the animation. The regret of those around him who are forced to put that weight on his shoulders is also handled in a subtle but genuine way. We tell you everything about the Release Shinobi no Ittoki Episode 3 on Crunchyroll!

What is the release date and time for episode 3 of Shinobi no Ittoki on Crunchyroll?

The wait is no longer very long! The date of Release Shinobi no Ittoki Episode 3 on Crunchyroll has been set for October 18, 2022. For the most impatient, the hour of Release Shinobi no Ittoki Episode 3 was set for 4 p.m. on Crunchyroll in France.

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shinobi no ittoki episode 3

What happened at the end of the week?

At the end of that week, Kousetsu soon sides with Ittoki as well when an assassin targets him directly. When she confronts him, it turns out that she is none other than Satomi. Kousetsu is soon surrounded by assassins and Satomi manages to go to the service area alone to attempt to assassinate Ittoki. Fortunately, Ittoki is smart in his approach and uses the fire alarm to evacuate the area, so no one gets hurt.

He uses a fire extinguisher to make it harder to see him, and with the help of the smoke sirens, he manages to turn on the sprinklers that track Satomi’s movements despite his camouflage. By this time, the assassination attempts are already discovered, and Satomi is arrested on the spot.

As Ittoki failed to hit her in the time limit, he returns to his uncle’s car, thinking he has been eliminated. However, he is then shocked to learn that he is selected for Kokuten Ninjutsu Academy. It turns out that the school principal was impressed with Ittoki’s courage and justified his selection by arguing that he has the heart of a ninja, which is the most important thing.

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