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Spoilers for Black Clover Chapter 350 Latest Raw Scans, Full Summary Released Online

Spoilers for Black Clover Chapter 350 Latest Raw Scans, Full Summary Released Online

Black Clover issue 5 spoilers have been spreading since the start of the week, revealing the issue’s alleged plot points. If the rumors are correct, the events of Chapter 350 will be extremely thrilling, and most importantly, they will set the stage for Asta’s next fight after his decisive victory over Sister Lily. When the next chapter of Black Clover is released, fans will finally find out how to transform Paladins back into their original form, which is one of the most anticipated events in the series. Asta’s Perfect Anti-Magic Zetten was widely speculated to play a pivotal role in their release, though it wasn’t the only contributing element. Black Clover Chapter 350 spoilers suggest that the Paladins will be set free once Asta uses his Anti-Magic and defeats Lucius.

Basically, a spoiler-free summary of what happened.

Black Clover Chapter 350 spoilers show Lily apologizing to Asta as she collapses to the ground after being freed from Lucius’ grasp. Sister Lily then reflects on her reasons for becoming a nun, and she explains that she did so to promote tolerance and fair treatment of all citizens of the Clover Kingdom. She fled to Hage’s orphanage after learning that the church was just as corrupt as the outside world. Back in the present, Sister Lily explains that she joined the orphanage in order to “save someone”.

After saving Asta from certain death at the hands of Lucius, Ryudo Ryuya reappears to tell him of Asta’s increased strength. He goes on to say that rescue efforts must now be directed at Asta. After that, Sister Lily informs that the final battle in the Clover Kingdom and Lucius’ “Judgment Day” are only three days away. Additionally, fans discover that Lucius has combined his soul magic with the body, bone, and blood magic of his siblings the Zogratis. He can now create humans from nothing, giving him divine abilities. Black Clover Chapter 350 spoilers reveal Lucius’ ultimate goal: to dominate magical kingdoms around the world, including the Hino Country.

Sister Lily tells Asta that she is sorry and ashamed of what she did. Asta comforts her, promising her that she will not bear the blame for what happened. She praises him and faints; Ryuya assures her that she is not dead but says that Lucius must be defeated for her to regain consciousness. At the end of the number, Asta exclaims, “I will undoubtedly defeat Lucius”, before turning his attention to the five-headed dragon and declaring that he will kill him himself.

What must be done to free the Paladins

Black Clover Chapter 350 spoilers suggest that defeating Lucius is crucial to freeing the Paladins. The number does not say if this is enough or if Asta’s Anti-Magic is also needed. Fans also don’t have a clue what is actually needed to free the Paladins, since Sister Lily is the only one with this freedom. If Asta’s Anti-Magic is required, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it does affect how the final fight is fought based on how many Paladins Lucius spawns. For example, if Asta has to fight a legion of Paladins to reach Lucius, she’ll probably have to put them all in the same state as Sister Lily.

But if there aren’t enough of them, Asta can just run into Lucius and kill him. As Lucius will already have been defeated, this shouldn’t be a problem even if his Anti-Magic is still needed to free the Paladins completely. Asta will be able to restore their old forms, although it takes some time to defeat them. In three days (in the show’s reality), the final battle of Black Clover will take place, so it will be fascinating to see how many Paladins Lucius has at his disposal. This will no doubt affect the Clover Kingdom army’s war plan, but also how Asta goes about freeing the Paladins.