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Spy x Family Chapter 76: Release date, time, spoilers and how to read

Spy x Family Chapter 76: Release date, time, spoilers and how to read

Spy x Family Chapter 76: Release date, time, spoilers and how to readSpy x Family Chapter 76: Release date, time, spoilers and how to readSpy x Family Chapter 76: Release date, time, spoilers and how to read

Are you excited for Spy x Family Chapter 76? We got you!! After an amazing chapter, where we got to know more about Eden Academy, its principals, and most importantly, a closer look at Anya’s nonsense in this ongoing Red Circus Arc, fans of the series are really excited to find out. What is going to happen. It will happen next in the next chapter.

If you are one of Anya’s fans wondering when SPY x FAMILY Chapter 76 will be released, what it will be about, and how you can read it… you are at the perfect place to get your answers. But before we reveal these things, let’s first take a look at what happened earlier in the story.

The episode opens at the Eden Academy, where we see a Stella Star Awards ceremony, which has just started, which, as we already know, is for Anya Forger, Damian Desmond, Becky Blackbell, and Bill Watkins. Considering the bravery with which these students acted in the recent school kidnapping incident, they are awarded the Stella Star.

Although this award is for everyone, and this surely made Anya, Becky and Bill overjoyed, but on the other hand, we see that Damian is not happy as he should be. This was because he believed that he did not do anything brave or extraordinary in the crisis and that he did not deserve to receive the Stella Star.

Spy x Family chapter 75 summary

Later in the episode, we see Becky tell Anya that a major newspaper agency in the city wants to interview them about the recent crisis, and she also thinks that this is a great opportunity to become famous and well known in the city, but this The conversation is overheard by Henry Handerson, who then tells Anya and Becky that the school authorities refused the interview because they wanted this kidnapping incident to be a secret and not available to the public outside of school, and also to have the safety of the students in mind. .

In addition to this, the elderly Henry is also shocked to see that they managed to successfully survive the kidnapping without letting a single child come to harm.

Anya – Spy x Family (Credits: Crunchyroll)

The scene changes to the arrest of Billy Squair and the members of the Red Circus, where we see the revived children of Eden Academy being released from the bus. We also see Damian that now he does not have a bomb collar around his neck, that previously we see that he is not afraid of him, the bus as we see him leaving the bus sure that he has it.

When all the hostages were accounted for, the SSS Captain had the information blockade of that location lifted. We then see that the police chief ordered the academy teachers to release the parents of the children who had served as hostages and pick them up from the local police station and also informed them that they might be needed later for an investigation. future.

We then see Henry giving the students a homestay pass, and Mr. Blackbell runs to his daughter, as he was a little worried about her, after that incident, and then we see an emotional but cute reunion between Becky and her father.

Becky and her father, along with Martha, then left the academy and headed home to meet her mother. One after another, we see all of the Edden Academy students reuniting with their parents, except for Anya and Damian.

Spy x Family chapter 76 spoilers

As of now, there are no spoilers or leaks available for SPY x FAMILY Chapter 75; You can check our site later, or follow our social networks, to receive notifications whenever spoilers of the next chapter of our favorite manga series are published.

Spy x Family Chapter 76 Release Date

SPY x FAMILY Chapter 76 is scheduled to be released on Sunday, March 5, 2023.

  • 5:30 p.m. Pacific Standard Time (PST)
  • 7:30 p.m. Central Standard Time (CST)
  • 02:30 Japan Standard Time (JST)
  • 01:30 am GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)
  • 06:00 am Indian Standard Time (IST)
  • 04:00 am Pakistan Standard Time (PKST)
  • 19:30 Central European Time (CET)
  • 04:30am Australian Central Summer Time (ACD)
  • 17:30 Portuguese time (PT)
  • 08:30 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST)

How to read SPY x FAMILY Chapter 76

You can read the upcoming SPY x FAMILY Chapter 76 directly on the official site of its main publisher, manga plus on the date and time we mentioned above, along with previous manga releases.

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