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Stray Review: Is it worth playing?

Stray Review: Is it worth playing?

Stray Review: Is it worth playing?Stray Review: Is it worth playing?Stray Review: Is it worth playing?

Stray Review: Is it worth playing?Stray Review: Is it worth playing?Stray Review: Is it worth playing?Stray Review: Is it worth playing?Stray Review: Is it worth playing?

Stray is unlike any other game. There are many games that show the story from the perspective of a human being. This is the first game I’ve seen that shows the story from a cat’s perspective. It was a new concept for me, but it was definitely worth it.

Stray is developed by BlueTwelve Studio and published by Annapurna Interactive. Lately, the BlueTwelve studio has been releasing amazing games like A Plague Tale: Requiem, Elden Ring, and the 2023 hit Hogwarts Legacy. Well, it feels good to say that they didn’t leave any exceptions in the Stray game either.

Credits: BlueTwelve Studio

  • Release date: July 19, 2022
  • Available on: Playstation PC

To play on PC, you can buy it on Steam, but take a look at the minimum requirements for a smooth experience:

  • OS: Windows 10 (64-bit carrier)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-2300| AMD FX-6350
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 65o Ti, 2GB | AMD Radeon R7 360, 2GB
  • DirectX: Version 12
  • Storage: 10 GB of available storage

History of the video game Stary

This game is set in an apocalyptic time where all humans are dead and now robots are alive. So in the first scene, we can see that there are a bunch of cats playing together. It is very cute. We play as a ginger cat and follow other cats.

By following the cats, there is a place to jump from one place to another, but as expected, the other cats can make the jump, but our poor ginger cat jumps but falls. The cat falls into the sewers.

Ginger cats slip and fallGinger cats slip and fallGinger cats slip and fallGinger cats slip and fallGinger cats slip and fall

The red-haired cat slips and falls.

So when he falls into the sewers, he follows the path and reaches an underground city which is called the Dead City. In Dead City, lights and TVs that say “Help Me” guide our beloved ginger cat to an apartment. But getting to the apartment is really not that easy as there are little creatures trying to attack the red cat.

In this apartment, the cat finds a robot that needs help and we have to solve some basic puzzles, which basically open a door. Inside the room, we find a robot that needs a new body, so the red-haired cat helps the robot by getting a small body that can float.

The tiny robot has no prior memory and has B12 written on its exterior. So, he asks the cat to address him as B12. Oh, plus, the B12 gives the cat a kind of bag to hold on to when he needs energy, since his energy depletes very quickly. In the apartment, they find a picture of the outside world.



They move forward and are able to reach a new area called The Slum. Some robots see the cat and start running away from the cat while alerting the entire area of ​​a foreign organism present in the area.

They meet a robot named Guardian. This is where we first learn about Zurk. Those were the little creatures that attacked the cat at first. Also, the image from outside is shown to the Guardian robot and asks him to meet another robot named Momo.

Once they meet Momo, they realize that she is part of a group called The Outsiders. The Outsider consisted of Doc, Zbaltazar, Clementine, and Momo himself. All but Momo of the group had left, and he didn’t know what had happened to them.

Now the first task assigned is to get all the notebooks of your other friend. After getting all the notebooks, Momo is able to fix the transceiver, which would allow her to talk to her friends who might be in the upper levels of the city. He then gives the transceiver to the cat to put on the roof.

After going to the rooftop, where they meet too many Zurks, but with the help of B12 and our beloved orange cat, they make sure they cross it and make it right. B12 and the cat go back to the bar to talk to Momo about what’s going on. We understand that the exit to the outside world is through the sewer, but it is full of Zurks.

At the bar, Cat and B12 meet Seamus, who is Doc’s son. Seamus tells B12 and Momo to stay away from the sewers as they are infested with Zurk, and his father went to the sewers to see a new weapon he had made, but has not returned since.

They go to Seamus’ house and discover a secret room that has a tracker after a character from the bar fixes a robot’s tracker. Momo and the cat have started marching towards the Sewers.

They look for Doc at a place Seamus takes them to. The cat enters a house and finds Doc there. Doc says that he’s been stuck in there because the generator fuse blew, and putting a new one in is going to make a loud noise, and that would kill him.

Doc and Ginger Cat meet for the first time.Doc and Ginger Cat meet for the first time.Doc and Ginger Cat meet for the first time.Doc and Ginger Cat meet for the first time.Doc and Ginger Cat meet for the first time.

Doc and Ginger Cat meet for the first time.

Then, after inserting the fuse into the generator, there is a loud noise which in turn causes all the Zurks to come out, but Doc comes to the rescue, and the weapon, which is called a Defluxor in this game, had gone to test. . outside, it’s actually working. He then makes himself a miniature version of the Defluxor and attaches it to B12.

B12 and the cat ensure that Doc returns safely to The Slum, where he meets his son. They have a very happy reunion. Now that B12 has the Defluxor, the cat is ready to go to the sewer.

Momo organizes a ship to continue her expedition to the outside world. Before they leave, a robot asks them if they have anything left to do in The Slum, which is a really nice way of saying that their role in The Slum is over and they’ll move on to the next area.

So, they get on the boat and he will take them deep into the sewers. Along the way, you will come to a locked door. The cat manages to find a way around the other side, letting Momo in with his boat. There is another door that is locked, but only the cat and B12 can enter through this one, since the space is too small and someone has to hold the door from the other side.

The cat goes alone and goes through the area and comes to a place called Antvillage. When they enter the village of ants, the first thing that happens is that they meet Zbaltazar. But to meet him, they must meet the Guardian, whose name is Baladin. He guards the entrance to the gate.

In Antvillage, B12 remembers that he was actually a human, but had uploaded his consciousness into a robot body. This realization leads him to take a moment and they are unable to interact with any robot for some time.

After going up some stairs, they meet Zbaltazar. He seems to have uploaded his consciousness out of his robot body. They understand that he has given up trying to get out of town. They find out that Clementine made it to Midtown and she still has the plan to escape.

Leaving Antvillage, they come across a subway station. B12 remembers that he used to take the subway when he was human. He used to go to work by subway. Once they get to Midtown, they find out that they want Clementine’s posters.

In Midtown, there are plenty of robots to talk to and plenty of side quests. They enter a building and there they find Clementine. He tells them that they need to get the atomic battery to power up the subway, but to do that, they need to meet another robot that can get it for them.

But this robot, whose name is Blazer, requires a workman’s jacket and hat. Once these items are acquired, he will place them in a box and sneak them inside. The cat steals the atomic battery, but he must be very careful with the sentinels. They are drones that seem to have a very particular vision.

After the atomic battery has been recovered, they return to Clementine, but the place is full of sentinels as they search for Clementine after solving some puzzles and dodging the sentinels. For her safety, Clementine left the place but left clues for the cat and B12 to follow and find.

Then Clementine finds herself in a nightclub, there’s a bit of puzzle solving here as well, and you see Blazer. As you progress towards it, it takes a shocking turn and they end up in jail. In jail, the orange cat is trapped in a cage but somehow manages to break free and from there we can see that even Clementine is stuck in jail.

He points them out. The key and he are also freed. Now, that leaves you with B12. They put him in a cage, so our mighty ginger cat comes to the rescue and breaks him out of jail. After breaking B12 out of jail, breaking out of jail seems like a tedious task.

They all get away from the sentinels and try to run away. Since there are so many sentinels, Clementine sacrifices herself and allows the other two to escape. They arrive at the subway and plug it in. They finally reach the control room.

In the control room, B12 says that he is going to open the lid so that the sunlight reaches all these places. Well, trying to do it, B12 dies and something terrible happens. So, our orange cat decides to lie next to him and then leaves after a while to prove that he can reach the outside world.

the light enters the light enters the light enters the light enters the light enters

Light enters the underground city.

Honest thoughts on Stray

This is a new generation console game, and the visuals are amazing. Stray has made quite a few references to other games, which was nice to see. While watching the trailer, I didn’t think it was going to be that big, and the main focus of the game would be on the cat, except that wasn’t the case. The game gave off Cyberpunk vibes.

This is many disadvantages of this game. We don’t have a map or a list of things to accomplish on a map, so there’s a chance you might miss something completely without going back to it. Side quests don’t reward you well. All it gives you is a badge. As cool as it looks, it’s kind of pointless.

The Defluxor, which the Doc gave you, after a while, the game takes it away from you because it makes you so strong. I mean, if they gave it to you, you might as well keep it for the rest of the game.

At one point, the entire game felt like a repeat. The members of The Outsiders sacrifice themselves for the cat to escape. This was a recurring theme. But overall, it was a new concept to play a game from a cat’s perspective, but it could have been better if it allowed us to play in first person.

Our Rating: ⭐ (3.8/5).

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