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Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Episode List: Release Date & Guide

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Episode List: Release Date & Guide

Are you curious to know the number of Sugar Apple Fairy Tale episodes? What platforms stream the anime? Do you already have Spanish dubbing? We have the answers to all these questions right here.

If you are a fan of stories with fairies, magic, and fascinating art of cooking, then you will surely like this anime.

In most anime featuring fairies, they are shown as a higher species and not part of human society. Here, humans have enslaved the fairies and treated them as lesser beings. The protagonist, Anne, wants to change this situation and aspires to be friends with the fairies.

It is a difficult task, almost impossible with how strange this is in the current state. Anne clings to her beliefs and soon achieves her dreams. She meets Challe Fen Challe and a few other fairies, and her life changes forever.

List of Sugar Tale Fairy episodes

In this article, you will find everything you need to know about all the Sugar Apple Fairy Tale episodes in this anime.

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Sugar Apple Fairy Tale: episode list

As of now, 4 episodes of the anime are available. The first season is expected to have 12 episodes in total. A new episode airs every Friday at 9:30 p.m. JST.

The creators have announced their schedule until the last week of February, which means that the release dates are available for episodes 1 to 8.

Here’s the full list of episodes, along with their titles and other important details:

Episode Qualification Release date Directed by Written by
1 The scarecrow and the fairy (Kakashi to Yosei) January 6, 2023 Miyuki Ishida Seishi Minakami
2 The bloody roadkaido buradi) January 13, 2023 yuki morita Seishi Minakami
3 The sugar apple is the tree of betrayal (Sato Ringo wa Uragiri no Ki) January 20, 2023 kozo kaiho akiko waba
4 The fate of the Royal Medal (Oke Kunsho no Yukue) January 27, 2023 akira tanaka Seishi Minakami
5 Ana and the cat’s fudge (An to Neko no Sato Kashiten) February 3, 2023 Miyuki Ishida; shizuka izumi yoriko tomita
6 to be confirmed February 10, 2023 to be confirmed to be confirmed
7 to be confirmed February 17, 2023 to be confirmed to be confirmed
8 to be confirmed February 24, 2023 to be confirmed to be confirmed

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale: Plot, Light Novel

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale is based on the light novel of the same name written by Miri Mikawa. Its manga adaptation has been serialized online through the yume online web, from November 2012 to October 2014.

The light novel ended in 2015, with 17 volumes in total.

The story is about Anne Halford, who is on her way to becoming a Silver Sugar Master. To protect herself from the dangers of the journey, she reluctantly buys Challe, a fairy destined to serve humans.

Despite her desire for friendship, Challe is hostile to her. What she follows are her adventures during this trip and her encounters with various fairies from around the world.

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Where to watch Sugar Apple Fairy Tale?

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale will be broadcast on various platforms around the world. Viewers in Japan can watch the anime on the following platforms:

  • AT-X
  • dmm tv
  • Niconico
  • GYO!
  • FOD
  • hulu
  • U-NEXT
  • Amazon
  • Rakuten TV

Muse Asia is licensed to broadcast the show on its YouTube channel “Muse Asia” in various countries including Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan, Laos and Burma (Burma).

Some other platforms where you can watch the anime are as follows:

  • FPT Play (Vietnam)
  • Sushiroll (Indonesian)
  • meWATCH (Singapore)
  • CatchPlay+ (Singapore and Indonesia)
  • POPTV (Philippines)
  • TCL
  • bilibili
  • iQIYI
  • Crunchyroll (outside Asia)

Crunchyroll streams the Spanish dub every Friday, starting January 20, 2023.

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale: Cast

The cast of some important characters in both Japanese and Spanish is as follows:

Character japanese cast Cast in Spanish
Anne Halford yuka nukui Celeste Perez
Challe Fen Challe Masaaki Mizunaka Ivan Jasso
emma halford Aya Hisakawa Anastasia Munoz
mithril cap scabbard rie takahashi ciaran strange
jonas anders Reiji Kawashima matt shipman
cathy Aya Yamane naya moreno
mercury hugo Tomaki Maeno Ernest Jason Liebrecht

We will keep this page updated with information on the remaining episodes of Sugar Apple Fairy Tale. For the latest information on the season’s anime and manga, be sure to check out the Recent Highlights website.