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The 10 fastest players in Blue Lock, ranked

The 10 fastest players in Blue Lock, ranked

Speed ​​is an essential part of football, and that’s what Blue Lock offers. However, while the players exhibit several aspects of the game (some spectacular, some quite ordinary) throughout the series – in which playing ability, dribbling skill, size and natural talent play a role – an underrated aspect of this series is speed.

Fans love Chigiri, everyone’s favorite redhead princess, but what about the others? This is what plays a role in everyone’s mind. Speed ​​is a key aspect that allows players to perform miraculous feats, giving footballers and their team an often overwhelming advantage through their stats. That’s why we offer you to discover the 10 fastest players in Blue Lock, who manage to outperform their peers on the football field.

In the race, speed is essential, but Meguru Bachira retains her elite dribbling skills while maintaining an excellent pace. Team Z qualified for the second round thanks to Bachira’s incredible dribbling and quick movements, which reached new heights when his monster awoke.

The amazing thing about Bachira is that he’s not one of Blue Lock’s best players just because of his speed and ball control. Almost all of his passes are accurate, and he can do them while moving quickly. It’s like Nagi and Chigiri replicated their skills, sobered them up a bit, and juxtaposed them to create this selfish.

9. Itoshi RinItoshi Rin in the anime

In Blue Lock Season 1, Rin Itoshi stood out as the best player. During the second selection, Rin was the clear winner and showed few flaws. Among his main qualities, he has the best shooting technique in the Blue Lock program and a vision that can rival that of Isagi.

Rin is one of the best all-around athletes coached by Ego Jinpachi and the younger brother of Sae Itoshi, one of the world’s best under-20 players. Although Rin is faster than Isagi’s team, there are faster players than him. Meta-vision, superior speed, and power – it all makes Itoshi Rin the beast he has become.

8. Gin GagamaruGin Gagamaru in the anime

Gin Gagamaru has established himself as one of the most creative and acrobatic scorers in the Blue Lock program. Throughout the first cap, Gagamaru has made significant progress and is now competitive as both a defender and a striker.

Gagamaru’s quick reflexes and excellent body control make him an excellent defender. He can’t keep up with the other Team Z elites in dribbling or ground running speed. However, Gagamaru’s reaction time to the ball is second to none, and it’s another crucial element of speed in football.

7. Aoshi TokimitsuTokimitsu in the anime

Tokimitsu is able to score goals despite his shy appearance, which earns him the third place among all the extraordinary players, even ahead of Nagi, Barou and other characters of the second selection. Tokimitsu demonstrated his true abilities with the most muscular frame in all of Blue Lock against Isagi and Bachira.

Although Tokimitsu’s strength and stamina are his two greatest assets, he is also quick enough to outrun Isagi and Bachira with ease. Although he is not the most confident player in Blue Lock, he is undoubtedly one of the most athletic.

6. Barou ShoeiBarou Shoei in the anime

Although Tokimitsu and Zantetsu have remarkable bodies, no Blue Lock player has displayed the same physical prowess as King Barou. Barou was the top scorer in Isagi’s stratum during the initial selection, making him the main “villain” of Blue Lock’s first season.

With his unmatched combination of power and speed, Barou’s physical performance has seen him rise to the top of Blue Lock as one of the best players. It turns out that no one in Blue Lock has ever been as athletic as King Barou.

5. Michael KaiserMichael Kaiser as seen in the manga

Michael Kaiser is a football prodigy, one of the rarest players in the world, able to rank alongside Don Lorenzo and Itoshi Sae among the handpicked prodigy players due to their talent and dedication . But what should not be underestimated is the speed of this player. Although not talked about as much as his other attributes because most of his stats are off the charts, Kaiser is truly the Emperor of the field, using his superior speed to overpower his opponents.

The best part about it all is that he can run, pass and dribble across the field while being pressed and tackled by multiple people. In Blue Lock Chapters 219 and 220, Kaiser showed what he is capable of.

4. Yukimiya Kenya Yukimiya Kenyu in the anime

In the Neo-Egoist League, Kenyu Yukimiya was playing for German team Bastard München, but he rose to the top through a mix of skill and effort. Although suffering from a severe eye disorder, Yukimiya doesn’t let his poor vision stop him from becoming a top striker.

He can quickly switch from an offensive position to a defensive position in the middle of a match thanks to his fluidity on the field. Even though Yukimya’s dribbling isn’t as refined as Bachira’s, he’s still progressing. When he reaches the legendary state of fluidity described by Ego Jinpachi, he will be able to move even faster.

3. Zantetsu TsurugiZantetsu Tsurugi in the anime

While not the quickest character, Team V’s Zantetsu proved to be one of Blue Lock’s fastest. Until the climactic showdown against Team Z, Team V’s Big Three controlled their stratum, and Zantetsu’s speed was a key part of the team’s prowess. Zantetsu established himself as Blue Lock’s best short-distance sprinter by demonstrating his ability to outrun everyone while accelerating.

Football demands bursts of speed, and Zantetsu has used his speed to establish himself as one of the Premier League’s top scorers. Even though he’s still held back by his lack of football IQ and post-acceleration speed, Zantetsu is still excellent and could still improve after being coached by Loki.

2. Hyoma ChigiriHyoma Chigiri in the anime

The main reason Chigiri Hyoma doesn’t want to reveal her secret weapon to Team Z is her horrible past. His leg muscle structure and growth pattern are truly exceptional and can be considered a genetic blessing. Only elite players like Zantetsu stand a chance of matching his pace, but even then he far surpasses them in natural talent and physicality.

Chigiri ends up showing his speed against the Japanese U-20 team, easily overtaking Aiku Oliver. When Team Z takes on Team W, Chigiri uses a long-forgotten skill to overtake his own pass and score a goal. In Blue Lock, Chigiri’s abilities have no limits. However, there is always one player on the show who tops him.

1. Julian LokiJulian Loki in the anime

The man, the myth, the car in person, Julian Loki would be based on the real football star Kylian Mbappé. That wouldn’t be a surprise considering that Loki’s prodigious abilities at the age of 17 allow him to surpass all Blue Lock players and possibly even the rest of New Gen-11.

Additionally, he possesses god-like speed, as he demonstrated in the match, passing Itoshi Rin without a sweat. That’s not to say that Loki will remain the strongest for the duration of Blue Lock’s story, as main characters like Chigiri and even Zantetsu could trump him. However, for now, no one can compete with Loki.