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The Great Wizard Returns After 4000 Years Chapter 158 Release Date

The Great Wizard Returns After 4000 Years Chapter 158 Release Date

The great wizard returns after 4000 years Chapter 158 will be released this week on February 19, 2023. Now, all we have to do is wait for the first scans and spoilers in Spanish.

The Return of the Great Wizard After 4,000 Years is one of the popular manhwas that readers love to read. And the great wizard returns after 4000 years, chapter 157 has shown us the unfortunate moments.

Anastasia was destroyed, Frey is unconscious and Ivan’s teacher was injured and this is all thanks to Agni. Agni has shown that he really did not need the Lord’s help to take care of the rebels. That’s how powerful real demigods are. Is this the END or will there be a new hope?

In these desperate times, what can help our heroes? Anastasia can be rebuilt again, but it sure will take time. What about Frey? Will he come out of the dream world? He maybe he will surpass the divine powers or, what is more amazing, he will become a mage of 10 circles.

The great wizard returns after 4000 years Chapter 158

There are endless theories popping up here and there and fans are getting restless.

But stay calm as this article contains spoilers about The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years chapter 158, The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years chapter 158 release date and where to read it.

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The Great Wizard Returns After 4000 Years Chapter 158 Spoilers

Frey was in his mental world. He was floating in nothingness and suddenly he heard someone say that he had reached his human limits. Suddenly two faces emerged from that nothingness.

He recognized that they were Indra and Milled. Indra shot a thunderbolt and Milled shot her arrow to welcome Frey to that mental world. Frey couldn’t even react to the pain.

Frey couldn’t move an inch and he couldn’t control his mana either, he was helpless and couldn’t react to anything. Frey tried to remember what happened to him before he was brought here.

He was thinking if he really was in his own mental world and if these Demigods are actually the manifestation of their respective divine powers or are just illusions that he is dreaming about.

Those Demigods scour his memory and eventually learned that he is actually the great Lukas Trowmen that the Lord had imprisoned in the Abyss.

They honored his chivalry even after being trapped in the Abyss for 4,000 years. But now they wanted to break him, they wanted to torture him so that he would never come back the way he was before.

Indra started throwing lightning bolts at her to break her mind and soul and wanted to take her body for themselves so they could be reborn. Frey was able to resist and fend off all those devious attacks, but they continue to do so.

After tens, hundreds, and thousands, Frey lost consciousness many times, but he always regained consciousness quickly and this took forever. He didn’t know how much time had passed.

The Demigods were trying to break his ego but still unsuccessful, Frey relied on his mental strength. At last, when Indra knew that his next attack would definitely break it, he couldn’t use his power and suddenly everything was silent. And out of nowhere, Rikki emerges approaching Frey, at which everyone was surprised.

The Great Wizard Returns After 4000 Years Chapter 158 Release Date

The return of the great magician after 4000 years is one of the popular manhwa readers love to read. Humans fight with demigods who are supposed to be untouchable and invincible to mere mortals.

Lucas Trowmen after reincarnating and reaching 9he Circle, the peak that only other wizards could dream of, is once again waging war against the Demigods with his friends new and old. But now they’re in trouble, their main attackers are down, and they really need help. What miracle could save them?

Readers now want to know how they will get out of this situation and with whose help. Will there be someone to help them or will Frey defeat the divine power and rise up once more?

There is no other way to quench our thirst for excitement. Fans are always looking for the release of a new chapter. And The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years chapter 158 will be released on February 20, 2023.

Where to read The return of the great wizard after 4000 years Chapter 158?

You can read The Great Wizard Returns After 4000 Years Chapter 158 in Spanish in Tapas. Tapas is an official site for reading many popular manhwas.

The great wizard returns after 4000 years Chapter 157 summary

Frey attacked Agni with her ninth class magic mixed with some divine power. Everyone was shocked to see what Frey is capable of now, but it was all useless against Agni. Agni called out to Phoenix, but instead, Frey barraged him with powerful attacks.

But Agni was still standing as if nothing had happened. Furious Frey used all of his mana and divine power in his next attack, which worked on Agni, but due to excessive use of divine power, Frey was shocked and lost consciousness.

Snow, the Elf Queen could not bear the heat surrounding the area. Anastasia got very angry at Agni for knocking Frey unconscious and used her powerful ultimate attack on him, but Agni caught them even before she could complete powering her up and destroyed her like a toy doll.

Agni said that Frey used more divine power than mortal human limits, so now he suffers from an aftershock.

Everyone was desperate, but Ivan’s teacher was managing the mood. She said that they should wait for Frey to regain consciousness, if not then they are dead for sure.

He rushed towards Agni and began to use Kassajin’s martial arts to attack Agni, but he was also taking damage from the fire engulfing Agni. He used one of Kassajin’s secret techniques and yes, his attacks were having an effect.

By using the secret technique, he made Agni fly but at the cost of destroying his right arm. And now they really need some miracle to shine on them.

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