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The Hero Returns Chapter 50: Release date and how to watch it

The Hero Returns Chapter 50: Release date and how to watch it

The Hero Returns Chapter 50: Release date and how to watch itThe Hero Returns Chapter 50: Release date and how to watch itThe Hero Returns Chapter 50: Release date and how to watch it

Looking forward to reading the last chapter 50 of the hero returns? You are in the right place. The webtoon manhwa has been serialized since March 28, 2022 and is receiving love from action manhwa fans. It was previously a web novel with more than 555 chapters! Quite interesting.

The Black Ajin manhwa was first serialized in Kakao Page. It is a brave story of humanity’s strongest hero. In the wake of a deadly and destructive threat to humanity, an annihilation like no other, Kim Sung Bin risks his life to save the world. He is the most powerful and brave, being one of the Awakeners, which are warriors who have magical combat abilities to ward off supernatural threats.

So it’s sad to say that our strong hero fails to protect the world. This puts you in a difficult situation. But this is just the beginning. The story of true perseverance is yet to come. Sung Bin returns to the past, 20 years before the present.

The hero will return, but for that he must undergo strict training and disciplinary tests. He discovers hidden dungeons, uncovers mysteries like never before, and finally comes across the Tower of Trials. What will come out of this trip is sure to be something legendary.

the hero returns

In addition and in reference to the Tower of Trials, they are a mysterious place that outsiders only call as the “abyss”. The people who make it through the first floor of the tower can achieve their magical abilities, which is just the beginning of various tests. These people are then called “magical awakeners.” Sung Bin’s mysterious attachment to the tower and the memory of entering it is a great element of emotion throughout the series.

Summary of The Return of the Hero

Moving on to what has happened so far, the last chapter began by describing Choi Hakjun, who is the youngest awakened fighter in the country. He is also part of the prestigious Ares Guild, which is widely known.

But the chapter takes a bloodier turn when it’s revealed that the night before the breakthrough test that could have made him an S rank, Hakjun killed the entire Ares Guild, all with a mischievous grin on his face.

choi hakjunchoi hakjunchoi hakjun

choi hakjun

It turns out that the narrator is none other than Sung Bin, who remembers meeting Choi Hakjun before he was transported back in time. The Choi Hakjun had then shown a cruel nature. When Sung Bin asked him if he wanted to save the world, Hakjun dismissed him saying that he wasn’t interested in wasting his life for the sake of others.

This is in direct contrast to the Choi Hakjun he now knows from the past, which is pretty cool. It was like meeting a completely different person. During the fight in Anyang, Choi Hakjun from the past fought to protect the others. Sung Bin expresses his confusion as to why Hakjun became the way he did in the future.

The backstory ends and we see Choi Hakjun attacking a hospital. He wants to fight with Sung Bin. He makes the latter learn the true power of the former. An impressive fight follows very soon.

The Hero Returns Chapter 50: Release date and schedules

Hero Returns chapters are usually released within 7 days, but the last two chapters were released together on February 11. October of last year.

Chapter 50 is all set to come out this Saturday, which is February 18. Make sure to see it on time!

The Hero Returns: Where to read the last chapter?

Those wishing to read The Hero Returns are in luck, as the webtoon/manhwa is available on various popular platforms for audiences to catch up on. Here is a list of all the platforms where The Hero Returns is available and its chapters are regularly updated.

1. Kakao website

2. Naver series website

3. Mr Blue website

4. Joara website

5. Ridi website

6. Qtoon website

7. One Story Website

8. Daum website

9. Official Website Tapas

Well, these were the 9 websites that you can check out for the manhwa/webtoon to see the updated chapters, happy reading!

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