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The Player Who Can’t Level Up Chapter 100 Release Date, Where To Read?

The Player Who Can't Level Up Chapter 100 Release Date, Where To Read?

Player That Can’t Up Level Chapter 100 release date is out and the official chapter will be released around 19th February 2023, for all the fans to read.

Player That Can’t Up Level Chapter 99 is out and the strike force is having a hard time handling the monsters, but miracle, no wait, Michael saved them.

They were at a Gate where the previous attack force was wiped out, so the help was appreciated. Now Gi-Gyu and his strength must be decided as they now know what kind of monster they will face.

The fans love this manhwa, how our Gi-Gyu fights 1 against many, and how he has gone from zero to hero, but he is still dumb in some areas and the fans don’t even complain, they just enjoy it.

This article will give you a quick rundown and release date for The Player Who Can’t Level 100 and where to read it, along with some spoilers.

The Player Who Can’t Level Up Chapter 100 Spoilers

Gi-Gyu recognizes Michael and welcomes him with a smile on his face. Other people were surprised to see an Angel in his winged form. Gi-Gyu explained to the others that he is a foreign paymaster who came to help them.

The Player Who Can't Level Up Chapter 100

As he says, the remaining monsters regain their temper and start attacking again. Michael wasn’t attacking this time, maybe he needs time to recharge his divine power. Gi-Gyu asked everyone to step aside as he wanted to do a wide area attack.

All the players took up positions behind Gi-Gyu. Gi-Gyu used Lou to do a fire skill attack that was so wide that many monster tools were damaged, but as he continues to use that skill, the red flames turn into blue flames which deal more damage to monsters. .

He then went down Lou and went up Elle and used the same attack Michael did but with a more powerful divine energy. The attack resembles Michael’s move earlier, this made Michael envious.

After dealing a lot of damage, Gi-Gyu roared for all the players to attack together. There weren’t many monsters left, so players didn’t maintain any formations and just focused on attacking and killing those monsters.

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The Player Who Can’t Level Up Chapter 100 Release Date?

Player That Can’t Level Up is one of those manhwas that hooked readers from the very beginning. It has been consistent and has built a huge fan base. Fans are speculating that since the manhwa will soon reach the 100-chapter milestone, they might even get the news of the anime’s release.

Before the release, fans want to show off that they have read the manhwa and know everything that will happen, so they are looking forward to the release of the new chapter.

As the chapter release has been consistent and new chapters are released every week. The next chapter, The Player Who Can’t Level Up Chapter 100, will be released on February 19, 2023.

Where to read The Player Who Can’t Level Up Chapter 100?

You can read The Player Who Can’t Level Up Chapter 100 in Korean on Naver and Kakaopage. And since it is a popular manhwa, you can easily read it on Webtoon in Spanish.

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The Player Who Can’t Level Up Chapter 99 Summary

All the players from the second strike force entered the gate and saw that terrifying sight and couldn’t hide their fear. Lou warned Gi-Gyu that the gate belongs to a high level demon like Baal but not as strong as him.

They all began to scout the area and decided to go in the opposite direction from where they had annihilated their previous attack force. A granny-like affair approaches Gi-Gyu and reveals that Gi-Gyu was Shin Yubin’s love interest and they had some lovely talks, Lou also used this moment to tease Elle. Their conversation was interrupted when they sensed hordes of monsters closing in on them.

The monsters were Chimeras. The attack force got into defensive formation and started killing the monsters and Gi-Gyu climbed to a higher point where he can see the number of chimeras, which was far more than the attack force could handle.

During that, Gi-Gyu felt energy coming from the sky. As the chimeras close the gap between themselves and the attack force, divine power falls from the sky and eradicates many monsters.

Gi-Gyu felt that it was divine power and when he looked up, Michael was flying in his winged form. Gi-Gyu was grim in the face of him thinking that he was good that he made Michael his friend.