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Watch Poor Devil Episodes: Streaming Guide, Episode List & Platforms

Watch Poor Devil Episodes: Streaming Guide, Episode List & Platforms

Watch Poor Devil Episodes: Streaming Guide, Episode List & PlatformsWatch Poor Devil Episodes: Streaming Guide, Episode List & PlatformsWatch Poor Devil Episodes: Streaming Guide, Episode List & Platforms

HBO’s first animated series for adults in Spanish will reach the homes of millions of viewers who love to watch humorous cartoon dramas. Poor Devil will surely make you laugh and keep you charmed till the end.

Fans are excited to see HBO’s first creation and are looking forward to the plot of the show. We will discuss Poor Devil’s story, characters, and episode schedule more in this post. With the number of attractive characters and the intriguing plot, Poor Devil will soon become a world famous series as the number of Poor Devil fans is increasing daily.

Written by Joaquín Reyes, Ernesto Sevilla and Miguel Esteban Pobre, Diablo translates as Poor Devil and will bring you humor, joy, drama and lots of emotion. So if you don’t want to miss out on watching such a wholesome animated drama series, stay tuned to the end of this post to learn all about Poor Devil.

Poor Devil – Plot

As the title of the show suggests, Poor Devil follows the story of the naive Satan, who is destined to bring destruction to the earth. However, his plans are different. He is not the one who loves chaos and suffering; he is the one who wants to see every human being enjoying his life as he wants. Even this devil loves to party, sing and dance, so he aspires to become a Broadway star.

The devil’s name is stan, whose father Satan wants him to complete the prophecy of demolishing all of humanity. But it seems that Satan chose the wrong devil to carry out the task. Because when Stan is assigned the job, his intentions are dashed and he sees a fantastic new world of human beings.

Still from the Poor Devil trailer (Credit: HBO MAX)

He soon decides to become a renowned Broadway star and has the support of the human beings around him. However, some of his friends do not support him and persuade him to destroy the world. So whose side will Stan take? Will he support humanity or will he reveal his evil side to destroy the entire world? Well, nobody knows. But what we can do is watch the entire season until the end to discover the mystery surrounding Stan and his loved ones.

Poor Devil – Characters

Along with the show’s main character, many others play an important role in Poor Devil in influencing Stan’s decisions to make the destruction a reality. All the characters are charming, witty and attractive and were created to brighten your day. So here is the selected information about all the essential characters of Poor Devil that you should know.

Starting with the main character of Poor Devil, Stan, he is the devil, the son of Satan, charged with the enormous responsibility of creating chaos on earth. However, his plans change and everything related to satanic prophecy seems to vanish. However, only time will tell if the signal will be achieved in Stan’s hands or not.

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poor devil characterspoor devil characterspoor devil characters

Featured Characters in Poor Devil Credit- HBO MAX

Stan’s father, Satan wants nothing more than to cause human destruction. Satan hopes his son, Stan, will make his dream come true, but Stan is different from other demons. He loves peace and joy, which makes things difficult for Satan.

Then come his best friends, Samael, Sutur and Mephisto. The ones who just want Stan to complete the prophecy. These three friends make plans to influence and change Stan’s decision to become a Broadway star and work diligently to eradicate human existence.

Poor Devil: Release Date and Episode Guide

The poor Devil, caught in the decision between choosing good or evil, will arrive soon to scare you while making you laugh out loud. So when will Poor Devil be released? Follow the episode guide given below. Poor Devil will be released on Friday the 17thhe February 2023, at 3:00 am on HBO Max. The complete episode guide is provided below so that you can watch the upcoming animated series on the exact day, date, and time.

Episode 1: Friday, 17he February 2023, The Antichrist in New York
Episode 2: Friday, 17he February 2023, so much cheek and so little chin
Episode 3: Friday, 17he February 2023, I’m a bear, I don’t watch movies
Episode 4: Friday, 17he February 2023, Satan’s dilemma
Episode 5: Friday, 17he February 2023, Nobody laughs at Charlie Mango
Episode 6: Friday, 17he February 2023, I messed up and that’s why I lost you
Episode 7: Friday, 17he February 2023, Greenland
Episode 8: Friday, 17he February 2023, the end of the boring days

Fans should note that the schedule above is subject to change, so check the show’s release date and time ahead of time.

Poor Devil: Streaming Guide

If you want to see all the episodes of Poor Devil on 17he February 2023, the best platform we suggest is HBO MAX official website. The premium will set you back around $9.99 per month, but it will open up access to all the hit series on HBO Max.

Poor Devil would probably be slated for Disney’s Hot Star+, but there’s no official announcement about it. We may suggest that you use the HBO Max website or app, and if it is not available in your country, use Express VPN.

If Poor Devil is available on other OTT platforms, we will surely let you know. Until then, enjoy the terrifyingly entertaining world of Stan, his friends, and his family.

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