Welcome to Demon School Season 3: Who is Barbatos Bachiko?

Find out who Barbatos Bachiko is in Welcome to Demon School on Crunchyroll!

Welcome to Demon School Iruma-kun is available on Crunchyroll! If you want to know who is Barbatos Bachiko, read on! The Season 3 of Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun debuts on October 8. The anime chose Junko Takeuchi (Naruto, young Sabo) to perform the voice of Barbatos Bachikoand also revealed her character design.

Barbatos Bachiko is one of the teachers at Babyls Academy, and she will be teaching Iruma an important skill in the next season. The announcement had already been announced on the official Twitter account with a silhouette of the new character. A new main visual was also revealed last week. Bandai Namco Pictures is in charge of production, and Season 3 will focus on the Harvest Festival arc. So who is Barbatos Bachiko in Welcome to Demon School? We tell you everything!

Who is Barbatos Bachiko in Welcome to Demon School?

Barbatos Bachiko becomes one of the prestigious professors of Babyls Academy, a school in the world of demons. She is also a candidate for a seat within the 13 Kingdoms, which are the most powerful “heroes” and demons in the Demon World.

The unique magic of Barbatos Bachiko is called Full Marks, which allows him to manifest a bow and fire up to 100 magic arrows simultaneously. His arrows always hit their target flawlessly, regardless of distance or interference. Robin has a similar skill in archery, which he will demonstrate later.

who is barbatos bachiko

Barbatos Bachiko is one of only three people in the Barbatos family who can shoot 100 arrows at once with his ability. Most demons don’t have the patience to focus on aiming and shooting an arrow, and outside of the Barbatos family, archery is nearly impossible for demons.

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This is where Iruma comes in. When Barbatos Bachiko realizing Iruma’s potential, she immediately makes him her apprentice and teaches him archery. However, due to his “delinquent” attitude, training Iruma is not easy.

At first, Barbatos Bachiko calls Iruma an idiot because he agrees to all the ridiculous demands and tasks she makes him do, but when she starts training him in archery, she reluctantly starts respecting him because he demonstrates his abilities and his extraordinary patience.

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