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Who is Angie Craig’s partner? All About Angie Craig’s Family

Who is Angie Craig's partner?  All About Angie Craig's Family

Angie Craig is one of the oldest and the first LGBTQ+ congresswoman and the biggest inspiration for trans people. Well, not much is known about her personal life, is she married or not and who is her partner?

This article will go through any and all details about Angie Craig, her partner, and the recent assault she had to go through.

But for those of you who don’t have much information about Angie Craig, she is an American politician, a member of the Farmers Democratic Labor Party, while she is also the US Representative for the District of Minnesota since 2019.

Not only was she a politician, but she was also a renowned journalist who eventually graduated with that degree from the University of Memphis. Being also an entrepreneur, she has achieved greater success in her professional life, working in a humanitarian base for the rights of the LGBTQ + community.

Partner of Angie Craig, Credits: The Sun

But do you know any details about Angie’s partner? This article will cover each and every detail of not only her professional life but her personal life as well. Let’s take a look at this article to get some fashion ideas and details.

Who is Angie Craig’s partner?

Many may know Angie as an inspiring and professional worker, but if Angie Craig is married, well the answer is yes, she has been married to Cheryl Greene since 2008.

Not only is Angie the one behind all the humanitarian things that he was primarily focused on, but his wife Cheryl is also a very passionate humanitarian. She is the director of the Welcome Schools team.

The Welcoming Schools team is actually a human rights campaign that is for all educators to create a safe and friendly environment for all children and not just children, families as well across the country.

The fact that Cheryl has a degree in Education, she has the zeal to work for the children and the society in general and stand out for them to have a safe and healthy environment for them, where they can live and study in peace.

Not only is she a member of the Prevent Cancer Foundation’s Congressional Families Cancer Program, but she was also a classroom teacher and school leader, so it’s safe to say that even before Angie became a humanitarian, she he was the first person to start all of this and he created a seed in Angie’s mind to grow that seed.

The couple shares four adopted children who graduated from school and college. But it seems that Angie and Cheryl’s love is evergreen and will surely never fade.

Angie Craig was attacked in Washington?

Angie was brutally attacked in Washington which raises the question of the safety of influential people in our country.

According to her interview, she claimed that she was attacked in her Washington DC apartment when she just wanted to have her coffee, and after she had her coffee she discovered that someone was giving her a strange look while sitting in the lobby and then when she goes to the elevator, that person follows her. up there.

And after a while, the person starts acting creepy and starts physically assaulting her by grabbing her by the collarbones and other violent things that Angie said.

angie craig partner

Angie Craig, Credits: The Sun

When he finally got out of that situation, he called his wife and 911, forcing them to take action against that creep. After a major police investigation, the creep was revealed to be a 26-year-old man named Kendrick Hamline, who was also charged Monday with assaulting a member of Congress, which if convicted would sentence him to ten years. in prison. cell.

Is Angie Craig receiving violent and isolating messages? everything to know

The assault incident wasn’t enough to shake Angie, now she is reportedly receiving violent messages from strangers after her attack in Washington DC.

Congresswoman Angie recently received some very vulgar and abusive comments which the authorities are working on and trying to find out who exactly is involved in this.

It is very sad and embarrassing to see the leaders of Congress currently facing all these security issues that raise the big question about your security at home.

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