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Who is Big News Morgans? One Piece 1074 spoilers explained

Who is Big News Morgans?  One Piece 1074 spoilers explained

Big News Morgans is one of the main characters in the series who has little to no fighting skills and yet plays a pivotal role in the story. Big News Morgans will return in One Piece Chapter 1074 of the manga, and since even Wapol will be returning after a long time, this has everyone excited. Although, that excitement is reserved for Morgan, as Wapol hasn’t been on the series for a long time, so the question “Who is Wapol?” is circulating on the internet.

Although One Piece villains are memorable for one reason or another, most have forgotten about Wapol entirely. Here’s the short version, Wapol was a corrupt prince who fled his country after the Blackbeard Pirates raided the Kingdom of Drum. The riches he took with him were soon spent and he was reduced to poverty. However, luck struck him again as a trader and he was able to get a new country in the future.

Wapol’s story is one of those that would make Big News the heartthrob of Morgans, and make him aware of the matter that had to do with him. Now, you might be wondering why Big News Morgans would be interested in the corrupt prince. The answer is simple, Big News Morgans is a reporter who lives for the news, and thanks to him the knowledge of Luffy’s awakening has become known throughout the world.

CC: Morgan invited by Big Mom

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Big News Morgans Returns in One Piece Chapter 1074

Big News Morgans will be seen with Strawhats in One Piece Chapter 1074, for the next big scoop to go to print. Big News Morgans is a man of integrity (up to a point) who wants to share his findings with the world. Although Luffy and his crew are not new to him and he has charmed them long ago. When Sanji was about to get married and everyone was wondering how long the series would last. It’s funny how time flies in this series.

Although his arrival is very spontaneous, since he seems to have appeared out of nowhere in the last chapter of the series. But when it comes to One Piece or Oda sensei in general, there is always a cause and effect that follows the series. If Big News Morgans has turned up, there will be something that brought him out of his new hiding place that he did after risking being assassinated.

Big News Morgans after the events of the Wano Country arc when he decided to post the news of Luffy’s new bounty. He was then attacked by a world government spy who was there to bribe him and kill him if he refused the offer. The great birdman declined the offer, but soon found him at the gunpoint of a spy. A sticky situation, but he just pecked it into oblivion and sent it back! Well not really. He knocked him out and proceeded to print the news. After which he stated that they were changing the base from him to his employees.

Who is Big News Morgans?  One Piece 1074 spoilers explained

CC: Morgans knocking out the spy agent world

Big News Morgans achievement before One Piece chapter 1074

‘Big News Morgans’ is the chairman of the World Economic News Paper and is responsible for sending news around the world. He has a grudge against the world government for trying to censor him throughout his career. He knows my gut feeling that they have secrets they don’t want out and have tried to buy his partnership over and over again. But it’s in his character to rebel and spread the truth (although he can be dramatic with that).

However, the world government is not the only one chasing its peak. When he was invited to Big Mom’s tea party for Sanji’s wedding, he was invited as an esteemed guest. Big News Morgans, doesn’t care where a person stands, if he smells that he can get the news out of them, he stays with them. And he got news of her when he witnessed how she was defeated at Luffy’s hands.

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