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Who is Wapol? One Piece 1074 spoilers explained

Who is Wapol?  One Piece 1074 spoilers explained

One Piece is in its final arc and we are seeing a lot of old faces return to the manga. We see the first big ‘boss’ of the series, Lucci, going against Luffy once again. Back then, Luffy had only just realized what he could do with his powers, but now that he has unlocked the full potential of his devil fruit, Lucci was another mob to him. We see it plummet in some panels as if it doesn’t matter so much anymore.

But the villains are not the only ones that return in the series, we also see that Vivi returns. A member of the Straw Hats left after the conflict in his country was resolved and went with his father to defend his country. However, during the conclusion of the Wano Arc, we learn that her father was murdered and she has been missing ever since. Furthermore, we learn that she will be returning in One Piece chapter 1074.

And when talking about Vivi, it’s impossible not to mention Wapol, the man who beat her when she was just 10 years old. Because? Then she could start a conflict that would involve many nations and put them in danger. However, Vivi did not give up and stopped the escalation of an international conflict. But what kind of man does Wapol have to be to beat up a child for personal gain? That’s not the only question everyone is asking about him.

CC: Wapol Post Era

Wapol returns One Piece Chapter 1074 But who is he?

Wapol was the monarch of the Drum Kingdom, he inherited his position from his late father who died when he was young. It had no effect on him, and his personality worsened, to the point that he saw himself above everyone else in the kingdom. Was it the way he was raised? No, it’s the opposite. His father was a righteous king who thought of everyone in his kingdom as part of his family and wanted his son to inherit that thought, but that never happened.

Wapol was born with a silver spoon and all his demands were met from the time he was young. This shapes his perspective much more than the lessons his father was trying to instill in him. After he assumed the throne, his selfishness only grew and when the time came to show his duty towards the citizens, he fled. He not only ran away, but also took all the important personnel (doctors, paramedics, etc.) with him.

But leaving his country came at a price, as one of his former minions (Datlon), the pirates, had come to plunder the nation and sit on the throne. Unlike Wapol, Dalton was a fair monarch whom the people loved and respected.

He had served under Wapol’s father and had seen the growth of the young prince and seen him become a selfish king who would eat even his people. However, Wapol thought of it as his position as royalty and made Dalton the object of his revenge.

Who is Wapol?  one piece 1074

CC: Wapol starts a company and becomes rich again after fleeing Hiss Country

Wapol and Vivi are rumored to be working together on One Piece Chapter 1074

Wapol hasn’t been around for very long, compared to other popular villains in the series. (Which is why everyone is curious about his appearance.) However, One Piece chapter 1074 shows that he will return to the series and he will be seen with none other than Vivi of all people. Their union cannot be a coincidence, Vivi lost her father in the conflict, and Wapol appears later in the story, not after.

What his plans are, for now, are hard to say, as despite his selfishness and shallowness, he has a mind that makes him a threat. And what makes it even worse is his ability with the devil fruit, the Baku Baku no Mi no Mi.

His name roughly means a hippo fruit, which goes with Wapol’s personality, as he will eat anything to satisfy his vanity (metaphorically speaking). However, given the number of parties involved, we may finally have the answer to a question about his devil fruit ability. If he eats a devil fruit user, what will happen to him?

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