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Why did Adam Gontier leave Three Days Grace? Reason behind his departure from The Rock Band

Why did Adam Gontier leave Three Days Grace?  Reason behind his departure from The Rock Band

Do you know why Adam Gontier left Three Days Grace? It’s been over a decade since he left the rock band, having been the lead vocalist for several years. The reason that was initially cited turned out to be false and later, Adam Gontier himself opened up about it. What happened to him? Before that, let us briefly know about the prominence of Canadian singer Adam Gontier.

Starting from the basics, Adam Wade Gontier is now linked with rock supergroup, Saint Asonia. He serves as a lead vocalist, songwriter, and also a rhythm guitarist. Born May 25, 1978, Adam is now 44 years old and is a native of Peterborough, Ontario.

Speaking of Three Days Grace, the rock band was formed in 1992. Adam Gontier joined the group in 1997. During his tenure, some of his great musical works include: I Hate Everything About You, Never Too Late, The Good Life, Lost In You, Misery Loves My Company, Chalk Outline, etc.

Coming back to the sudden departure from Adam Gontier’s Three Days Grace, after 16 long years, it came as a huge surprise to everyone. Nobody expected that. Do you know what went wrong? Despite parting ways with the music group, he continued to gain fame. However, if you’re looking for the reason why Adam Gontier left Three Days Grace, here’s what we know.

Adam Gontier

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Reason Behind Adam Gontier Leaving Three Days Grace Revealed

As already mentioned, it was in 2013, when Adam Gontier left Three Days Grace, leaving everyone in shock. Initially, Adam was cited as having some “health issues.” But, that was not the actual case. So what happened to Adam Gontier? The truth came out again after bandmates found him performing solo. Well, if he was sick, he wasn’t supposed to continue his music career, at least at that time. it was amazing

To be more exact about Adam Gontier’s health issues, it was rumored that he was battling substance abuse issues after a successful stint in rehab in 2005. Adam Gontier later confirmed that he was sober. On top of that, he also revealed the real reason why he left Three Days Grace. What was he?

Adam Gontier left the rock band to pursue other projects as well, and he wasn’t addicted. While struggling with the issue before, he said, “It’s important for me to address any concerns that my health is related to drugs or addiction.” Briefly, he shared that a chapter in his life no longer exists.

Why did Adam Gontier leave Three Days Grace?

Adam Gontier

After serving Three Days Grace for so many years, Adam Gontier was greatly inspired by life to move forward and continue to evolve on his terms. The month after his departure, the group went on tour. So, Matt Walst replaced Adam for the same thing. In case you were wondering, Matt is the brother of Brad Walst, bassist for Three Days Grace.

But, there is always a bright side to everything. After parting ways with Three Days Grace, Adam Gontier continued to achieve more and also got enough success. However, Three Days Grace fans missed it. Today, after so many years, the news broke that Adam Gontier is likely to reunite with the rock band. It is reported that he has at “sometime”. When asked about this, Adam said: “That would be a lot of fun.” Well, he shared that none of them have talked or planned about it, yet. So, he just has hope and yes, there is a possibility.

Be sure to follow Adam Gontier on his Instagram account for more updates. Best wishes! Everything is well now! Hopefully Adam and Three Days Grace’s reunion will take place, very soon. Aren’t you excited?

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