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Will there be Ameiro Paradox Episode 9?

Will there be Ameiro Paradox Episode 9?

Will there be Ameiro Paradox Episode 9? If you’ve been following this endearing Japanese BL comedy, you should be waiting for the answer to this question. This article is for all the viewers of the show who are interested to know if there is a release date for Ameiro Paradox Episode 10.

A little overview of the previous episode is required before we delve into the content of Ameiro Paradox Episode 9. We know that Inoe and Kaburagi are employees of the Dash newspaper, which seeks to debunk rumors and learn the truth about renowned people.

Inoe’s elder asks him to stalk Inami and his secret fiancée. Fans are interested in reading about him in the magazine. His project is due soon and his followers are looking for details about his fiancée. Inoe’s rude manager wants her to bring him some juicy gossip about Inami’s love life.

Due to a deadline, Inoue keeps an eye on Inami. He is seen running alongside the latter as Inami to find everything on him. He hides behind a light pole in the morning to stalk him, but wants to escape being noticed by the latter.

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Summary of Ameiro’s paradox

Tragically, Inami talks to Inoe and asks her if she works as a journalist or a photographer for a magazine. Inoe then apologizes to Inami for following him this way. Inami claims that they are not related and that he is not married. Inoe explains the situation to her manager.


He is then pressured by the CEO to learn more about Inami as there are only a few days left before the show launches and they must reveal a celebrity dating secret. Inoue vows to put her all into it.

Cut to the next scene, Inoe receives a bottle of juice from Kabuargi, who also says, “I’m exhausted. You should also drink something! You love berries, right? Kabauragi asks. This surprises Inoue. Then, in a flashback, we find Kaburagi sitting on the roof of his company when he unexpectedly sees Inoe running in his direction.

I like strawberry juice; she mutters as she begins to speak. Then Kabu says, “Oh, okay!” Yes, definitely! I’ll bring it to you the next time we meet. Later, when Inoe accidentally spills juice on her shirt, and Kaburagi tries to wipe it off her face with a cloth, the latter makes Inoe feel shy.

Skip to the second scene, when Inoe returns to work and runs to Inami’s side as usual. He meets Inoe again and asks her if he thinks Inami is lying about her being single. According to Inoue, his boss needs proof and won’t settle for less.

Inami then tells Inoe a secret. He is gay and confesses that she prefers a married guy who is not in the profession but to protect his marriage with his wife and everyone else. Inoue offers a second apology to Inami, whom he considers to be telling the truth.

The next scene shows Inoe visiting Kaburagi to inform him of everything that just happened. Kabu alerts Inoe to industry information stating that Inami has been producing adult films for some time. She takes advantage of young people trying to break into the business by offering them roles in pornographic films.

The information that Inoue has just received from Kabu surprises him and he does not accept it. She discards it! Kabu asks, “Why do you care so much about him? Why are you so desperate to prove that he is such a bad good man? to which Inami replies, “Because he seems like a wonderful guy and he thinks of everyone.”

Inoue admits that she adores him. He is nice; he sacrificed love and respect to support the decision of the one in love with him. Inoue concludes the call by saying, “I’ll reveal it to you, idiot.” A few hours later, Kabu meets Inoe once more; she asks him to arrange a meeting between him and Inami.

Kabu replies, “If you think he’s honest, I must see for myself.” Next, we get to see our innocent heroine Inoe sitting with Inami in the restaurant that Inoe’s friend owns. Inoue claims that they knew the owners even though they were small. After that, they eat while sharing updates about their youth, first love, and friends. Then Inoe gives Inami her favorite recipe.

Will there be Ameiro Paradox Episode 9?

Unfortunately, the show is over with the last episode or the eighth episode. The creators have not yet announced the possibility of another season. But you can all keep track on our websites as we will reveal if another season is coming.

Ameiro Paradox Episodes: How to Watch

Ameiro Paradox episodes can be streamed on Gagaoolala and Viki. The monthly cost can range from $4.99 to $5.99. After paying for the VIP subscription, you can watch Ameiro or Candy Color Paradox episodes. Enjoy your broadcast!

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