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Will there be Candy Color Paradox episode 9?

Will there be Candy Color Paradox episode 9?

Candy Color Paradox will reach its final episode on February 10, 2023. Will there be an episode 9 for Candy Color Paradox? Many fans may be curious to find out. Candy Color Paradox is an adaptation of the Japanese manga of the same name published in 2019.

Candy Color Paradox is a Japanese BL romantic comedy drama on GagaOOLala and Viki. It released its first episode on December 16, 2022. It received adequate responses from BL drama fans all over the world. He was loved by fans more for the charm of having a couple who fights while also defining that they can come to terms with each other and fall in love due to spending more time together.

Candy Color Paradox: Summary

The plot revolves around Satoshi and Motoharu Kaburagi. Satoshi Onoe works as a reporter for Dash, a weekly gossip magazine. This magazine is popular among readers because it provides up-to-date information on celebrities, scandals, and other topics. All the credit goes to the photographers and journalists who follow the celebrities and collect every piece of information.

The senior staff reshuffles the magazine team one day and assigns Satoshi Onoe and Motoharu Kaburagi, an insensitive but handsome photographer, to work as a team. Satoshi initially believes that Motoharu is his rival and begins a bitter bond with him. Satoshi is a dedicated and hardworking employee. He prides himself on being a good reporter, while Motoharu is the complete opposite. He has a poor work ethic and doesn’t focus on work. At the office, all the girls have crushes on the handsome Motoharu.

Candy Color Paradox | Episode screenshot (GagaOOLala)

The real trouble starts when both of you are assigned to work on a task. They begin to understand each other and respect their differences as they complete the assigned task. They begin to develop romantic feelings. The progression from rivals to a romantic partner is both comedic and dramatic. Their chemistry as partners in the magazine grows with each episode of Candy Color Paradox, with a hint of romance.

Candy Color Paradox: Episode Preview

In the previous episode, Motoharu confessed his love to Satoshi. As they work on an assignment together, Satoshi helps Motoharu’s stiff back with a massage. Motoharu suggests that living together makes Satoshi happy.
Satoshi plans to work alone to expose the scam at the financial company founded by a former baseball player. Motoharu doesn’t allow Satoshi to do any dangerous research. He asks his superior to keep it a secret and not even tell his partner Motoharu.

After passing an interview, Satoshi joins the firm as an intern and collects all the evidence. Meanwhile, Motoharu is looking at a brochure for a house that is 14 minutes away from Sandagaya Station. After the undercover job, the owner is in police custody. However, this causes a break in Satoshi and Motoharu’s relationship. He asks Satoshi to work as a solo reporter.

Motoharu has been cold towards Satoshi again. Satoshi understands why he is acting the way he is. Motoharu requests that Satoshi work with the political team. They try to settle their differences and spend the night together. The next day, Satoshi officially asks Motoharu to move in with him and they live together. Satoshi and Motoharu’s story finally comes to a happy climax in Candy Color Paradox. Everything will fall into its rightful place.

Will there be episode 9 for Candy Color Paradox?

Will there be episode 9 for Candy Color Paradox?

Candy Color Paradox | Episode still (GagaOOlala)

It was officially reported that Candy Color Paradox would have eight episodes. Episode 8 will air on February 10, 2023 at 9:00 PM EST. The running time of each episode is 25 minutes. This drama was not like a typical high school love story. He has a mature adult relationship and balances work life with personal life. Candy Color Paradox fans will be longing for another episode because it’s hard to leave a series you’ve been hooked on.

Where to watch the drama Candy Color Paradox?

Candy Color Paradox has premiered its previous episodes on MBS. The series is available on streaming platforms such as MBS Dogaism, GyaO, and Hulu in Japan. Viki is the official streaming website for global fans. Currently, it is only for standard VIKI PASS users. You can get updates on the series and more from GagaOOlalaThe official YouTube channel for LGBTQ dramas.