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Will there be Chanshi episode 11?

Will there be Chanshi episode 11?

Will there be Chanshi episode 11?Will there be Chanshi episode 11?Will there be Chanshi episode 11?

Israeli movies and series have been around for a while, but they haven’t gained as much popularity as they should. Chanshi, however, is an Israeli series that premiered its first episode on December 8, 2022. Closing a year, to start with a new chapter, Chanshi has received a lot of recognition around the world. Sadly, Chanshi’s first season ended with 10 episodes. Since then, fans have been waiting with anticipation for more to be released; They just can’t get enough of this sassy main character trying to break stereotypes of Jewish women and how they should behave.

Chanshi’s story revolves around a young woman from the Jewish community who immigrates to Israel and embarks on an adventurous journey. The passage from a life with established rules to one without rules leads her into a whirlwind of vital encounters. Season 2 of this exciting series has been hinted at by the writer and also the main character of Chanshi, Aleeza Chanowit. According to Aleeza, she wrote this series hoping to change public opinion about Jewish women and the need for them to be all virtuous and pure.

Since Chanshi hit the screens, he has gained a lot of popularity and has even been featured at the well-known Sundance. In 2023, Chanshi headed to his standalone episode event and many American and international buyers bought the show. To know more about the show and if there will be a Chanshi Episode 11, stay tuned as all the necessary information will be provided in this article.


Despite her family’s objections, Chanshi, our protagonist, is a devout young Jewish woman from Brooklyn who decides to leave everything she knows behind and go to Israel shortly before her wedding. Chanshi embarks on a wild and daring adventure to the Holy Land, but the change from a life with a defined set of rules to a life with no rules at all is completely unexpected and leads her into a whirlwind of life experiences.


Chanshi is on the right track, as are the other young women in her Brooklyn-area observant Jewish community. She will play the role of the virtuous wife and give birth to at least six of her children, even though she is someone she barely knows.

In essence, she is ready to transform into a walking womb. Chanshi, unlike her peers, harbors a fantasy that decent religious ladies like her shouldn’t: Chanshi wants to have a lot of sex, but not with her husband-to-be but with Israeli troops.

She travels to Israel with the intention of surprising her best friend Noki, who is getting married soon. Once there, Chanshi leaves behind his inhibitions and transforms into the daring and liberated person that she always wanted to be.

Inspiration behind Chanshi

Aleeza Chanowitz spoke about the struggles of being an immigrant and Jewish woman as a great inspiration for the creation of Chanshi. She wanted to portray the difficulties women face when trying to break free from the strict and strict rules that prevent them from doing so.

In an interview, Aleeza stated that the show was influenced by her own experiences as an immigrant and how the Israel she eventually settled in was very different from what she had anticipated. Aleeza experienced shame after her first personal connection due to her culture and religion, which were taboo subjects and left her feeling isolated.

Chanshi is funny, but he also delves into the darker aspects of his character’s and Chanowitz’s attitude towards sexuality, revealing the trauma; a continuation of a vicious cycle, where he goes from ‘prey’ to ‘predator’” through his sexual revolution and “wet dreams of Israeli troops”.

Where to watch Chanshi the Israeli drama

All Chanshi episodes will be available to watch on HOT 3, HOT VOD and Next TV. As all the episodes of Chanshi Season 1 including the last episode have been released on February 2, 2023, the show is available for you to binge-watch! Do not stop undertaking this daring and risky journey with our protagonist.

When will Chanshi episode 11 premiere?

Unfortunately, Chanshi episode 11 will not be there as the first season of the series ended with 10 episodes. However, Marina Schon, one of Chanshi’s actresses, has pointed out that season 2 is in high demand and hopefully the wishes of the public will come true with the release of Chanshi season 2.

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